Every year I will now be looking to create a bigger and better birthday cake. Fortunately, I have a 12-month break after this Shaun the Sheep Birthday Cake

Shaun the Sheep Birthday Cake

This year I was ready and was quickly learning that A. The birthday cake was more for me than Little M… and B. I am not a cake decorator, so my idea had to be creative.

Luckily, my wife is a realist. I like to push the boundaries of what is achievable, Mrs M ensures those boundaries are not already so far removed from reality, that I will be left spiraling into space. Mrs M is also a facilitator to many of my ideas, as with all cakes to date, actually making it possible to push the boundaries, by being organised, baking cakes prior to the eve of his birthday and buying ingredients.

May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-117

This year it was either ‘Thomas the Tank’ or ‘Shaun the Sheep’, both very popular in the Moody household and both offering plenty of creative ideas. A week of Pinterest quickly demonstrated we had not only forgotten our limitations, but believed we could be international cake decorators with our pinboard detailing the entire Thomas the Tank Engine set and several sponge based trains.

Fortunately, we also came across a simple but effective cupcake design which utilised marshmallows and buttercream for Shaun’s fluffy family and dyed dedicated coconut for the field.

Little M has been a massive fan of Shaun the Sheep for over a year (has a love for all Aardman animation) and after our recent trip to London to find Shaun the Sheep and the movie coming out we decided that trains were perhaps for another year.

May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-107

The cupcake concept also enabled us to produce something which matched my skill level, but provided an effective visual, which is what we were looking to achieve.

Anne-Mare made the lovely chocolate cupcakes, which we lightly covered with buttercream to provide the glue for our marshmallows. For variety, we also provided some with just buttercream. Purchased black rollable icing was then used to hand cut the faces and ears, white for the eyes and then black icing to glue them together and make the eyes focus.

Bitzer was purchased off Ebay and is now Little Ms permanent companion, whilst the dedicated coconut was dyed by Mrs M and Little M as one of their daytime activities. I then printed the farm backdrop at the office.

Hopefully, you will agree, that the outcome of a fairly straightforward cupcake is highly effective. Either way Little M and guests loved them, but this was mainly down to Mrs M’s incredible cup cake baking ability.

May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-102 May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-105 May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-106 May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-122May Little Ms 2nd Birthday at Arley Hall Farm-125

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