Canvas Art with a Toddler

Since our recent move, I have been looking for some artwork to go on the walls of my ‘Cave’ and have so far been struggling to find something unique and extraordinary.

One sunny morning myself and Little M had the idea to start a Canvas Project. Utilising an old printed canvas, we set to work with some poster paints, glitter, furry wire things, glue and a sunny morning where Mrs M couldn’t see the mess we were about to make.


After painting the canvas the same colour as the rooms feature wall, Little M was given all the tools to create whatever he wanted!

I have to confess after the first squirt of paint, some encouragement and guidance was required, but he did produce the masterpiece himself.

Passing him the best tools and suggesting a splatter here and there, we eventually painted the majority of the canvas… but it had only been 10 minutes!

At this point, the glitter was discovered from his craft box and rapidly tipped onto the poster paint and mixed with PVA glue before we then started to search for other items that could be sparkled and stuck to the artwork.

Finally, after leaving it to dry and then adding more bits several times, we decided it was time to clear away, and since the paintbrush was going to take an age to de-glitter, we promptly stuck it to the poster as well!


It may not receive a Turner Prize, and I have no idea how long poster paints will survive without fading. There is a good chance that glitter is going to cover my couch, or bits will slowly start to fall off, but I am so happy with our creation.

A simple, fun and effective way to spend a morning, without destroying the house (we did it in the garden).



  1. It looks like he had so much fun and this is such a good idea!! Definately gonna remember to do this in the summer with Ben! #thatfridaylinky

  2. Do. It was great fun and everyone comments on how good it looks. M loves showing people as well. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. What a fab idea and he looks like he loving it Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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