Planting Seeds & Sunflowers

Banished from the Garden this year as Mrs M continues to make significant improvements, Little M and I have set to work on growing our own plants from seeds!

I would like people to think I have done this for educational reasons to help child development… the reality is however, that I just wanted to grow some seeds… perhaps I was never allowed to grow seeds when I was younger? or I did and had just forgotten how much I loved it. Either way, Little M is the perfect excuse to find out!

As a tribute to his great Granny & Grandad Montgomery, we have started with some Marigolds. Whether they liked them or not, their garden was full of the bright orange flowers. We have also planted some Sunflowers, mainly because thats what was on sale at the Garden Centre, followed by a tray of obscure trees and plants with a sprinkling of cheap daisy looking ones.

April-Planting-Seeds-Garden-5April Planting Seeds Garden-7April-Planting-Seeds-Garden-10


So, after a week, we started to see growth from our Sunflowers, a little bit of action from the Marigolds and nothing from the remaining trays of seeds. Mrs M is keen that we move on from having the downstairs littered with planting trays, so we have negotiated an agreement which will see us review progress in a couple of weeks.

Update (Beginning of May)

The few weeks are up and negotiations have stalled. The question of what we are going to do with twenty odd sunflowers and about fifty marigolds is becoming an regular topic of conversation. Mrs M has helped by splitting the sunflowers into their own pots and tying them to lolipop sticks. This has reduced our crop by 50-60%.

The marigolds, whilst looking fearful, are still holding their own, whilst very slow progress continues in the ‘others’ tray!

April Planting Seeds Garden-2 April Planting Seeds Garden-1April-Planting-Garden-Seeds