The Great British Summer & BBQ Ideas

Our first step into the blogging fraternity, we enjoyed our invitation to celebrate the best of The Great British Summer with Cotton Traders #CTSummerDays

The Great British Summer & BBQ Ideas

This summer for us has so far combined the perfect mix of fun days out with great weather, the odd BBQ and a staycation in North Yorkshire in late July.

With this in mind, we were delighted to be invited to Cotton Traders #CTSummerDays. An event celebrating the very best of the Great British Summer.

As our first step into the blogging fraternity, we were pleased to meet a lovely group of parents and enjoy a fun filled day incorporating BBQ Food, Kite Painting, Hook a Duck, Giveaways, Colouring and Ice Creams.

August Summer Party CTSummerDays-34August Summer Party CTSummerDays-17August Summer Party CTSummerDays-10

The Cotton Traders ‘Century of Great British Summers‘ timeline and our day at #CTSummerDays was full of childhood memories and a great reminder of how valuable the family summer truly is.

Read the Cotton Traders Post Here

This year is the first that Little M has been able to make the most of the long summer days and enjoy my highlight – an ad-hoc BBQ after work on a summers evening.

Early evening barbeques don’t happen in the same way since Little M was born. The family routine, bedtime timeline and ever changing dietary whims of a toddler don’t naturally blend with the casual chunky meat based offering of a BBQ.

August Summer Party CTSummerDays-7August Summer Party CTSummerDays-30

To help keep on track I have been looking at new ways to improve my repertoire and listed a few fun and easy BBQ ideas to try over the next few weeks.

Gourmet Mini Burgers
Flattening down meatballs into little burgers then, using a cake cutter to create small buns out of lightly toasted bread.

Home Made Skewers
Using a pre-purchased roasted vegetable pack they are seasoned, pre-cut and full of variety. After soaking the skewers in water, Little M has enjoyed building his Skewers (with caution and some help).

Honey Bananas
Always in the house and Little M’s Pre-Bed Snack. Just Wrapping Banana’s once they have been cut and filled with honey is a popular choice. Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to cool!

Vanilla Ice Cream
A Dairy filled alternative to the bedtime milk is the perfect way to finish a summer bbq and fill up before sleep.

(perhaps without the chocolate and marshmallows we enjoyed below!)

August Summer Party CTSummerDays-27August Summer Party CTSummerDays-26

The BBQ wasn’t always the most popular celebration of summer. In the 1950’s a picnic on the side of the road wasn’t uncommon as people ventured out and about. (more here)

Thank you to Cotton Traders for a superbly organised day and for thoroughly entering all of us as a family! Little M had a brilliant time and was very pleased with all the treats he received. The day gave us loads of new ideas for making summer days fun and helped us to make the most of the Great British Summer before it comes to an end.


What are your top toddler BBQ Tips and favourite things about summer?


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