Bathtime Illuminations

This week our little battle was bathtime. Little M for some completely unknown reason decided that baths were not for him. By chance i had a bright idea.

Bathtime Illuminations – Entertaining Babies & Toddlers in the Bath

So, this week our little battle was bathtime. Little M has for some completely unknown reason decided that baths were not for him.

My initial approach was to draw a picture of the bath, with Little M, rub-a-dub, ribbit and his towel before setting him on a quest to find all the elements in the picture. This worked quite well and also came with accolades from Mrs M, as apparently it is a well documented technique in negotiating with toddlers!

May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-18

May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-2

So, feeling quite confident about my recognised success and aware this pre-bath excitement could be short lived, i actually had an idea which led to one of my favourite bathtimes to date.

Spotting Little M’s now rarely used musical, projector, nightlight thingy, i had a thought/experiment idea… What would happen if I project onto the bubbles in the bath?

May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-9 May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-13

The outcome was actually quite impressive, with the lights switched off, spotify tuned to ‘music to hopefully calm down the baby and relax the parent’ we set off on our journey through space (with associated giant bears and penguins).

Little M loved watching the pictures on the bubbles and how it all worked, the light reflecting off the tiles or shining on his body and making him look like the blue character from X-Men all led to a very chilled and enjoyable pre-bedtime experience… it was also fun for me!

May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-14 May Lighttime Bathtime Little M-16


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