Halloween offers such a range of activities, from pumpkin hunting, pumpkin carving, crafts, fancy dress and today... baking.

Pumpkin Cake – Halloween

Halloween offers such a range of activities, from pumpkin hunting, pumpkin carving, crafts, fancy dress and today… baking.

Little M loves a good bake. Watching ‘We Can Cook’ on CBBC has been a recent favourite and now able to crack eggs without assistance, he is becoming quite the assistant.

Today, we repeated our activities from last year making a simple, easy and tasty Pumpkin Cake using up all the left-over pumpkin from our ‘Room on the Broom’ decoration.


There is a lot of grating, which was completed with Little M placing his hand on mine, but was still fairly stressful as he wants to be involved in everything. We also took a more liberal approach to measuring, with hands being placed on scales every time I tried to take a reading!

Fortunately, Mrs M understands baking and keeps things moving whilst Little M and I battle with the next stage in production. The recipe is easy though and with all the ingredients in place, it is a quick fun baking activity.

The recipe below has been used each time and seems to be quite similar to a carrot cake… in fact this year we didn’t recover enough pumpkin from our two lanterns, so added a couple of carrots on Mrs M’s advice.

BBC Good Food

November Pumpkin Cake and Soup Making-5

Little M enjoys sieving, stirring and pouring. Getting things ready like you are on a TV show is the best way to keep the flow and avoid leaving a child with a bowl of ingredients. Particularly key with my first born who has an unhealthy addiction to chunks of margarine.November Pumpkin Cake and Soup Making-8November Pumpkin Cake and Soup Making-11November Pumpkin Cake and Soup Making-7November Pumpkin Cake and Soup Making-14The most enjoyable part of any bake is the raw mix at the end. The worst part is cleaning the kitchen up! Then after checking the oven a few times before finally finding out how the cake looks, we threw on a little basic decoration before tucking into our lovely Pumpkin Cake.

It is worth noting that on both years and after checking the comments on the BBC website that the pumpkin cake has taken longer than the 30 minutes stated on the recipie to bake. Around 40 to 45 minute – according to Mrs M it’s something to do with the water content of the pumpkin!october-pumpkin-cake-and-soup-making-21october-pumpkin-cake-and-soup-making-23


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