Capturing the quiet times and emotion of being a toddler with Photography by giving children space to consider the world around them.

The Toddler Quiet Times – Photography

It can be pretty hectic with a toddler, with so much going on around them – the relentlessness of nursery, family, toys, television, playing and all the other activities that we undertake to ensure they are entertained and learning as much as they can.

All this while their brains are going through the most challenging stages of development, particularly around social emotion, cognition and movement. It’s no wonder they can be all over the place at times!

It was on one of our trips out after a particularly busy week Little M reminded me that like all of us – he also needs some quiet time to reflect and absorb the world around him.

It not only became one of my favourite excursions with just a few words and some quality cuddle time but also when I captured some of my favourite photographs.

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Photographs taken with Canon 70D and then processed through Adobe Lightroom.

Ensuring the photography wasn’t the focus of the day and keeping a distance whilst avoiding using the flash when taking occasional photographs, I ensured Little M was given the space he required without him being unaware.


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