Pumpkin alternative to artist Rene Magritte's Son of Man Oil painting. The Son of Pumpkin Man photograph by Adam Moody. View it here.

Son of Pumpkin Man

Son of Pumpkin Man was originally taken as a joke, but following a little bit of tinkering has become one of my favourite and most popular photographs.

Inspired by the Son of Man oil painting by Rene Magritte that features in 1999 film The Thomas Crown Affair, the iconic image is part of a set of self-portraits by the artist

After finding the biggest pumpkin as part of a toddler’s day out, it was sat on my desk for a few days whilst I figured out what to do with it. The first thing was obviously to take a photograph of a member of staff holding it in front of his face!

October Gav The Pumpkin-3

Copyright: Photography & Editing by Adam Moody

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