30 Days Wild – Vol.2

It’s been over two weeks since Little M, and I have been focussing on wildlife in support of The Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild campaign.

So far it has been an enjoyable and positive experience, and although we haven’t quite managed to do something every day, we have focussed our minds and activities around nature and wildlife.

We have also roped in our friends and family, getting them involved where possible and encouraging them to pay extra attention to the surrounding wildlife. A big thank you to my little sister who has written about her adventures with nature near London (see below).

Canal Walk

Our first stop was a walk along the canal in Nantwich, Cheshire with family. Our mission was clear, discover and show as much wildlife to Little M as we could.

To start the walk with a toddler focused activity and Random Act of Wildness we blew away the seeds from a dandelion! Gramps took responsibility for the task and Little M whilst clearly bewildered by the activity, was fascinated by the tiny helicopters as they took to the air.

Walking alongside the canal we saw lots of ducks, swans and took special care to admire the various plants and insects we could see on our short walk.

June Knutsford Canal Walk Laura & David-5

June Knutsford Canal Walk Laura & David-9

June Knutsford Canal Walk Laura & David-10

June Knutsford Canal Walk Laura & David-17

June Knutsford Canal Walk Laura & David-19

Nature Walk – Scadbury Park, London

(by Emma & Baby Oscar)

Oscar is three months old, so whilst on maternity leave I am constantly searching for interesting things for me to do to keep both me and Oscar entertained. When tasked with introducing Oscar to nature as part of 30 days wild I first went for a walk in Scadbury Park. With Oscar in a baby carrier, we set off for a walk through fields and woods. Oscar was mesmerised with the leaves on the trees and the sun shining through them.

Following the success of our walk, I had been told of the nature trail at Coolings Garden Centre at Knockholt. The peaceful trail had paths that I could take the pram on so Oscar could see all the trees and flowers. As we passed Invertebrate hotels, wallabies, pigs and the pond, there were plenty of benches to stop and enjoy the surroundings.

The colours of the leaves and flowers kept Oscar engaged both in and out of the pram. I found the sunlight through the trees again entertaining Oscar on our afternoon outing.

Nature Walk - Scadbury Park-1

Nature Walk - Scadbury Park-2

Nature Walk - Scadbury Park-3

Nature Walk - Scadbury Park-4

Baby O and Emma-1

Baby O and Emma-2

Fairburn Ings

We took our first visit to the RSPB Fairburn Ings which exceeded our expectations and will be a great addition to our #DadDaysOut

Read about it here

June Fairburn Ings - RSPB-43

June Fairburn Ings - RSPB-6

Insect Inspection

Mrs M has been working hard with Little M and our bug box to investigate a variety of insects we have found inside and outside the house.

Little M loves his bug box and has been eagerly viewing woodlice, spiders, flies and a deceased bumblebee. It has definitely been educational as well as kerbing his fear.

Taking extra time to look at the wildlife in the garden has been a bit of a revelation. It is so easy to take it all for granted, but thanks to a backyard animals book Granny has purchased for Little M, we have been ticking off blackbirds and wood pigeons as they appear to feed on our bird table. We have also been inspecting some of the plants and lifting up logs to see what we can find.

The only place yet to be explored is a playhouse where I saw the biggest spider ever last month, so have since given squatting rights. Perhaps now Little M is cured, the next two weeks should be about me addressing my fears of absolutely huge English spiders!

June - Insect Inspection-1

June - Insect Inspection-2

June - Insect Inspection-3

June - Insect Inspection-4

The Peak District

Outside the toddler experiences of nature, I have also been to the Peak District with friends for a weekend and with #30DaysWild on my brain, I went on several walks and took the time to listen to the unusual, bird sounds and farm life activities.

June Richard Stag Weekend-194

June Richard Stag Weekend-201

June Richard Stag Weekend-203

June Richard Stag Weekend-171

June Richard Stag Weekend-174


There are just two weeks left of The Wildlife Trust #30DaysWild, and we still have so much to do. From finding out why there are suddenly poppies everywhere to visiting our local Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Spots.

Find out More > The Wildlife Trust

What will your Random Act of Wildness be for this week?

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