Tour De France – Prams & Crowds

I am not really into cycling, but even before the start of the ‘Le Tour De France’ in Leeds, I was considering what colour lycra I should choose for my latest dabble with athleticism.

Fortunately for all the whim is nothing more than a thought process, but it was great to see prior to the big event in Leeds City Centre and the following ‘Tour De Yorkshire’ cycling being promoted.

As for the day out – it was my first solo venture into Leeds City Centre and to a big crowded event with the toddler. The atmosphere was fantastic with the streets lined with families covering all ages and showcased everything that is great about Yorkshire .

Watching the police engage with the ‘audience’, local stars and broadcasters provide entertainment, promo teams giveaway branded merchandise was really enjoyable.


With little M in his terrain ready pram (or baby travel system!), we successfully navigated the pavement, before discovering, there was no useful tool to protect us against the thousands of people trying to move around the centre of Leeds. I hadn’t fully appreciated how challenging crowds can be when handling a large trolly. Trying to avoid people’s ankles, whilst keeping close and moving was at times a little bit hairy. I could see I was getting in the way, despite my best efforts.

Little M was then stuck in the pram – I couldn’t hold him so he could see, whilst also taking up the space of four humans with what was just our luggage when the child was removed or leave it anywhere.


We were lucky enough to be invited into one of the venues on the Headrow thanks to a few friends and enjoyed a great view of the convoy of vehicles and floats ahead of the riders and the start line, but it did make me think what the best plan of action is when navigating crowds and going forward, where ever possible, I will try to ditch the buggy.

A sling or carrier is a much more practical and enjoyable solution to easily transporting a baby or toddler around and most importantly, provides a decent viewpoint for them to watch the world and the main event that everyone has turned up for!

Having the Tour De France in Leeds, was a mini Olympic Games! The event was fantastic and after 15 years on this side of the Pennines has reaffirmed how proud I am to live in Yorkshire. Here are a few photos to remind us how fab the day was.

July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-151 July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-3July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-17July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-32July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-153July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-177 July-The-Grand-Depart-Yorkshire---Tour-De-France-38

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