Utilising Veho X3 and Veho X1 Mimi WiFi Wireless Speakers for office audio from a single source that can be controlled at each workstation.

Veho X3 Mimi WiFi Speaker – Perfect Office Audio

I love technology. I enjoy researching and selecting what I believe to be the best solution or most technologically advanced option within a reasonable budget. Sometimes this quest is successful; sometimes I purchase the Xperia Z3 Compact.

Moving offices to a shared office environment, I was on the hunt for a networked speaker system which would give each member of staff control of the volume at their own workstation, which broadcast the same audio at all times. All without deafening our new neighbours and respecting each member of the teams own personal preference.

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After much research, I eventually came across the Veho Mimi WiFi Speaker System. A range of small and medium weight speakers which can a be connected to a single wireless output, while each being controlled individually.

On my desk, I have a Veho Mimi X3 large speaker which receives the Spotify studio broadcast from my iMac. The rest of the team have a Veho Mimi X1, which are each powered by USB and receive the same audio from my Spotify (much to their dismay).

Avoiding the restrictions of Bluetooth being able only to connect to a single output and also the reduced sound quality, our Veho Wifi Speakers broadcast on a hidden 2.5ghz WiFi network. Quickly turn them on and they will connect and play!

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The X3 large speaker is incredible. With a bass speaker pointing to the floor and a 360-degree experience from the front facing speakers, the depth of the X3 is vital to the success of the ambient office audio. It delivers a soft and rounded acoustic and a wall of sound which helps me concentrate. Importantly it doesn’t deafen my neighbours.

From my research to date I have not discovered a sound system which can be as effectively deployed to multiple individuals and reward such exceptional sound quality.

Currently only supporting USB or old iPad connections, there are clear limitations to the distribution hardware, but if you are looking for a fixed sounds distribution solution the Veho Mimi speaker sets are a great product.

Find out more at www.veho-world.com

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