Lytham Festival – Faithless

It was a mini getaway on the other side of the country. The perfect gig for parents who want to go to a festival, but can’t get a three-day pass out!

It wouldn’t have been the perfect concert for a two-year-old, but when he is old enough to appreciate ‘going to a festival’, it will be perfect. With Pendulum and Faithless performing, this was also probably the least child-friendly gig of the weekend!

I had never heard of Lytham Festival until Faithless were named as Thursday night headliners and what a revelation it was! Lytham Festival was by far the most professionally organised, well put together ‘gig’ I have ever attended. The weather made a difference, but never the less, the whole experience was fantastic.

August Ed Faithless Lytham Festival-18August Ed Faithless Lytham Festival-8

So, what made it so great? I say this with no evidence, but it felt like all the residents of Lytham St Annes had all agreed, that for a couple of days they would give their gorgeous, tranquil seaside to the festival.

You could almost see the windows in the houses opposite the stage, rattling and vibrating to the thunderous bass, even before an act came on stage. You wouldn’t get that for longer than 5 minutes unless they decided to embrace the events or been handsomely paid off.

August Ed Faithless Lytham Festival-4

The sound system does deserve a mention. The quality of the sounds throughout the event was outstanding. I can’t think of many indoor our outdoor gigs that have been as impressive. The whole staging was excellent, lighting, screens, stage position… I don’t have anything negative to say.

Aiming to fit a festival into a work schedule on the other side of the country, was always going to be a complex risk, but perhaps the biggest success was the access and exit to the event. I would say getting parked and getting back onto a clear road was a maximum of 10 minutes before and after the concert. I don’t know how they did it, but it was one of the most pleasant and straightforward scenarios I have experienced. We did pre-purchase standard parking, but being able to park next to the event, was a novelty I am unsure I will enjoy again.

We had a gourmet burger and a drink to celebrate our festival experience, both with short queues, reasonable prices and pleasant staff.

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As for the music, I am not 100% convinced the two guys performing the Pendulum DJ Set felt they should be a supporting act or that the crowd should be as old as it was!

If you like their music, you would have enjoyed their show. As an unannounced warm-up act they were good, but it was the people and atmosphere that made it.

It was interesting watching the hardcore raver of the 2000’s enjoying a night out with his wife while the kids were at grannies. His enjoyment and expression hadn’t diminished, but the influences of his Salsa lessons, age and bad dad dancing had an impact on the execution.

August Ed Faithless Lytham Festival-12August Ed Faithless Lytham Festival-14

There was a real mix of people at the gig, which demonstrated how well the event organisers had promoted their modern festival brand and also how great faithless are 20 years on.

It was the Faithless 2.0 – Twenty Years Festival tour that had brought the band back together after a four-year ‘split’ and it was evident that it meant a lot to the band and a particularly emotional Maxi Jazz to be back.

The whole was incredible as ever. Smoothly flowing from one track to another. Receiving the usual hair tingling response to ‘Insomnia’, dancing to ‘God is a DJ’ and positive message of ‘we come one’. The concert also had some great instrumentals and solo performances from LSK and a new female singer.

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So why would I take Little M when he is a little bit older? It would be a great introduction to a festival experience. All the positives and none of the negatives (port-a-loos are the same where ever you go). Every single person we encountered, was helpful, friendly and genuinely wanted to be there. It was quick and easy to get in and out and sensibly priced.

Lytham Festival, gets top marks from me!

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An amazing show, A great Event. The perfect mini festival.
  • Adventure Rating
  • Value for Money
  • Child Friendly
  • Adult Experience


It’s not for kids, but if you think they are ready and would enjoy an adult festival experience, this would be a good choice.

For those with younger children who might not get a pass out for a whole weekend of hardcore raving in an attempt to recapture their lost youth, then this is the perfect mini festival experience.


  1. Just read your review as we were thinking of going this year as we don’t live too far away so wondered what it was like to park. You have put my mind at rest as to whether we should pre book standard parking. It sounds like you didn’t have any problems. Also could I ask, did you arrive in the afternoon or evening. If the afternoon was there any entertainment on then or was it all on in the evening?

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your comment. On the Thursday there wasn’t any afternoon activity before the show, but there is a whole week of events, so I am sure there was something going on in one of the indoor venues.

    Hope that helps a little.

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