Etherwood – In Stillness

I wouldn’t say I am a fan of Drum and Bass music, I have always enjoyed late 90s dance/trance, but never really understood how anyone could dance, let alone enjoy the tinny sounds of an electronic drum rhythm.

Having said all that, as a drummer and fan of electronic music, I have had several artists such as ‘London Electricity’ (also check out ‘London Electricity Big Band’ for live Drum and Bass performances) on my playlists.

It was a song from the ‘Blue Leaves’ album which appeared on my ‘discover weekly’ playlist that first attracted my attention to the UK music producers sound.

If I was going to go all Guardian music review – it would read something like this….

Etherwood delivers a mix of the melodic sounds and syncopation interwoven with haunting vocals and progressive drum and bass rhythms.

Released the week when the UK ground to a halt due to the worst snow in 35 years and school was closed for Little M, the album reflects the peace and ambience of our snow-covered street and garden… The sleeve of ‘In Stillness’ is also a picture of snow-covered trees!

The title track from the album captures all of this as it introduces what to expect throughout the album. It is beautifully composed and although there is an occasional track that feels like it belongs in a teenagers 90s dance compilation (‘Climbing’), they are still enjoyable tracks – and perhaps why I have enjoyed this album so much!

As an LP it is complete. There is a narrative, with songs such as ‘Fire Lit Story’ sounding like a response to ‘In Stillness’ and a syncopated chord structure that appears on tracks throughout. The drum and bass structure gives space for indulgent guitar and keyboard solos underpinned by a bed of orchestral strings.

The album by Etherwood isn’t one I would usually have on repeat, but it has a depth that allows you to fall under its spell. There is a calmness and tranquillity about the album that I didn’t expect.

Whilst I haven’t got a vinyl copy yet – it is worthy of an addition to the collection as a therapeutic soundtrack, which is perfect for taking time out, or when working late at night.

  • 7.1/10
    Album Rating - 7.1/10


In Stillness by Etherwood is beautifully produced melodic and engaging LP that combines interwoven layers with progressive drum and bass.

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