Santa Visits in a Helicopter

Watching Santa fly into Rothwell park this year less successful as it would appear M is now aware enough to realise that Father Christmas is terrifying.

Santa Visits in a Helicopter

So, its our second time to see Santa fly into Rothwell park and this year it was a little more unsuccessful as it would appear M is now aware enough to realise that Father Christmas is terrifying.

Again, the Rothwell Ladies Circle put together a well organised charity event for the local community. Due to expected storms, the event was brought forward, so it does pay to check the facebook page below.

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The event format was similar to the previous year (view last years review) but with M slightly older, this year we enjoyed a walk round the avery to see the birds and some time on the swings, climbing frame and aimlessly toddling around.

With the atmosphere building and regularly looking to the sky, there is music, mince pies and hot drinks as the crowds gather around the landing spot in the middle of the park.

After an announcement, an increase in noise and excitement the helicopter circles around Rothwell before coming into land.

Finding a good spot is easy as the helicopter is coming from the sky, as it can be quite loud, we stood back on the hill, so Little M could see and wasn’t too close. After landing we headed to the helipad and waited for Santa to greet the hundreds of children before we said our hello!

Santa Helicopter Rothwell December Leeds-8

Since this was Little M’s second visit to see Santa arrive by helicopter, i think it is now officially a tradition. As it is December, there are times when it isn’t possible to land at Rothwell Park, so alternative transport is made available so no matter what, you will get to see Father Christmas!

It is a fantastic event which is a credit to the organisers and the community.

Practical Stuff.

Its a great morning for all ages. Parking is busy around the park, but ok. Depending on the weather, the grass can be quite muddy and their can be a long wait, so wrap up warm! (0 – 14 yrs)


Springhead Park, Rothwell

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For an easy morning child friendly activity, the Rothwell Ladies put together a brilliant event for the local community. Rothwell park alone is a nice morning activity, so adding a helicopter and Santa is a great plus!

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