Room on the Broom Trail

A dads review and experience of Anglers Country Park's 'Room on the Broom Adventure Trail'. An engaging and entertaining family day out.

Room on the Broom Trail

On the last Saturday before Christmas Mrs M and I were on the search for a quiet stress-free activity to entertain Little M… and we found it!

The Room on the Broom Adventure Trail at Anglers Country Park in Wakefield is a decent trek around a lake with various large wooden sculptures of key scenes from the Room on the Broom story.

We didn’t manage the full journey, partially due to energy levels, but mainly down to the significant rainfall that started halfway through our trip. None of this dampened our spirits, however.

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There is an activity playground and visitor centre also on the site. Here you can purchase your Room on the Broom stationery kit for £2 or if you are super organised.

After a little play and a bacon sandwich, we eventually ventured onto the trail. The pathway is wheelchair/pram/scooter friendly, but with quite a lot of rain and the time of year – it was wet and muddy. It is worth bringing wellies and a change of clothes for active toddlers.

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Soon we discovered our first statue and Little M clearly understood what was happening. He couldn’t wait to get closer and investigate this life-sized version of his favourite book.

Visiting three more statues on our short walk, Little M also stopped off to see the ducks, watch a dog paddle in the water, pop into a bird hide and panic because he had mud on our wellington boot.

As a child I wasn’t a great fan of ‘family walks’ and even now i struggle to see the point beyond sometimes… but the ‘Room on a Broom Trail’ provides purpose and motivation. We spend a couple of hours at Anglers Country Park, however on a warmer and dryer day, we could have been much longer.

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The Room on the Broom Trail is an excellent adventure with the facilities of the cafe, visitor centre, playground all supported with FREE PARKING – you can do the walk without spending any money.

The statues are engaging for fans of the bedtime story whilst the dog walkers, wildlife and lake provide a lovely setting for a gentle stroll.

Print off the activity sheets from the website if you have a group to entertain and prepare for some British weather, but most of all, be prepared to be acting out the various lines of ‘Room on the Broom’ which you have been perfecting every night at bedtime for the last year or so!

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