MoreTalk. A reliable low-cost landline telephone company that is perfect for my business, scalable and comes with amazing customer care... It is NOT BT.

More Talk – Less BT

Over and over again i am repeatedly astonished by the lack of support and level of incompetence offered by BT.

I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt, assuming like my company, all organisations are working to be the very best they can be and take any failures as seriously as possible… especially large corporate entities who have a near monopoly on a service!

Without going into the boring frustrating tittle tattle about he said she said, the general consequence of speaking to any one at BT on Monday, is that the complete opposite will be the absolute truth by Tuesday.

The end result is that we have had no business telephone lines for a week, since BT ceased the line following a request to redirect the number. Over four hours of phone calls, live chat, being on hold, i have taken the option which must be most popular with BT Customers… i have again given up.

Old Telephone Service

There is light!

After year after year of failure from BT… (i still have to use my ex business partners mothers maiden name to login to my account – although they did change the account to my name after four years – which was progress)  … i have tried, tested and seen the light with a company which does support business, it does provide customer care and it does provide value for money… most impressive of all… it has nothing to do with BT!


I know VoIP isn’t new, but for small business it is very difficult to find a provider who will support a couple of handsets and ensure a quality of service, whilst also being scalable to medium organisations.

We have been testing MoreTalk and the flexibility the service offers to our business and the team for several months and can only be impressed. As long as you have a decent internet connection, from £3 per month, you can plug in a handset (from £80) anywhere in the world and answer calls from your local number.

Additional features such as ‘press 2 for accounts’, hold music, hunt groups and all kinds of other options will ensure as we grow, so will our telecoms service… and if we move office in the future, our regional number will join us, simply plugging the handset in our new premises!

What makes MoreTalk, most impressive, is that if things do go wrong, they will actually care! They understand that a phoneline is vital for your business and make sure it is resolved!



At some point our telephone line will port over to MoreTalk and BT will be a distant memory, but at home and at work, i keep on experiencing frustration after frustration with BT and repeatedly declare i will never deal with them again… but quickly realise there isn’t another option.

Perhaps i can spend more time growing my little company and less time being told by BT, that i will need to speak to another department!

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